Fire Cause Analysis

The Wright Group's laboratory facilities provide the optimal environment, resources and tools to analyze the evidence collected from the field during the on-site fire origin analysis.  Our team of fire experts have the experience, training and education to analyze all manner of appliances and devices for fire cause.


Electrical Failure Analysis

Our experienced engineers and technicians are well versed in the evaluation of electrical failures. Our electrical lab is well equipped with instrumentation and test equipment that our staff can use to collect all of the necessary data for reliable analysis.


Mechanical Analysis

Our engineers and technicians are well versed in material sciences and engineering principles, allowing for a wide range of mechanical failure analyses including material defects, component failures, etc. Our mechanical and High-Bay laboratory can accommodate small component parts to your largest pieces of evidence. Our experienced staff can determine the cause of soot losses, boiler puff backs, and thermal runaway through the in-depth analysis of heating and cooling equipment.


Clothes Dryers & Appliance Fire and Failure Analysis

Our laboratory staff uses engineering principles and practices, such as comparative analysis of exemplar makes/models, alternative design theories, failure specific testing and other methods to provide the most comprehensive results. Our office is the national leader in dryer fires involving all makes and models, both electric and gas.  Our extensive research, testing and design analysis has led to successful subrogation against manufacturers. We maintain a higher level of successful subrogation against manufacturers because of our extensive research, testing and design analysis. Our laboratory contains the demonstrative materials and statistical data from thousands of hours of design analysis and fire testing.


Water Losses

The Wright Group's dedicated water loss lab is outfitted with specialized equipment for testing appliances and plumbing fixtures. Our experienced technicians provide cost-effective analysis of even the smallest claims. Advanced materials analysis is employed to evaluate the mechanical and materials aspects of your water loss.


Product Testing & Burn Testing

The Wright Group conducts burn testing on products in our lab's smoke hood, or in specially constructed burn cells, to test hypotheses. Actual burn testing is helpful in the understanding of fire growth and spread, as well as analyzing for design issues such as fire containment. By testing hypotheses using actual fire, our clients benefit from the increased reliability gained through physical testing.


Special Affiliated Resources

We are backed by affiliated resources we trust in assisting with the following specialized analyses:

  • ​Chemical Analysis

  • Metallurgical Analysis

  • X-Ray Analysis

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • Engine Oil Analysis

  • Elemental Analysis


Evidence Storage

Our Evidence Technicians are trained in packaging and rigging techniques to make sure all evidence is properly collected, identified, packaged, transported and securely stored. Our evidence storage facilities and electronic inventory software assure that the proper chain of custody is maintained during storage and when evidence is transferred. We make the maximum effort to protect against all evidence spoliation potential.