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Our Expert Staff

Personnel from Wright Group, Inc. assist insurance companies, attorneys and manufacturers with issues dealing with the origin and cause of fires, explosions, electrical and mechanical failures. Our unbiased experts provide reliable results when working on the behalf of plaintiffs or defense. From initiation to resolution, we work with you to put forward the best possible case.

  • Fires & Explosions

  • Dryers & Appliances

  • Vehicles, Marine & Heavy Equipment

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

Wayne Miller

Wayne Miller


Mr. Miller has been a fire and explosion analyst for the Wright Group for the past sixteen years in the private sector. Prior to this Mr. Miller was a Special Agent Criminal Investigator and  Certified Fire Investigator for the United States Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for twenty-five years during which time he was also a member of the ATF National Response Team. 

During his illustrious career, Mr. Miller examined more than 2,300 scenes, responded to over twenty-five major incidents, including large fire and explosion loss investigations, as well as testifying as an expert in more than forty cases in Federal and State courts; in both civil and criminal cases.

Michael Stoddard

Stephen Harris



Mr. Harris is certified as a fire and explosion investigator, vehicle fire investigator, fire investigation instructor, master technician in automotive, heavy truck and collision repair, crash data retrieval technician and analyst, as well as a post-secondary automotive instructor. He has twenty-five years of ongoing training and certification in the fire investigative field. Mr. Harris has been a fire and explosion and mechanical failure analyst for thirty years, as well as a motor vehicle mechanical and collision repair technician for nearly fifty years. 

Mr. Harris has also had over nearly thirty years experience with court testimony and deposition in numerous cases. 

Stephen Harris
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